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Do you want more enjoyment in your own life? Are you a top employer that wants help with team motivation? Do you represent a charity that needs a fundraising idea?

Have a look and see why people are interested. The pictures below links to a PDF of one of our club offers.

Kedron Offer from FP Club
Bills - Colts

FP Club can help individuals get more out of life! And we are excited about the great companies that want that for their teams too! A $9.99 per month membership allows individuals to take advantage of our great offers on sports events, theme parks, attractions, theatre events, cultural activities, and more. These are deals that would normally cost individuals much more. But this is FP Club. The place for members (and everyone else for that matter) to see what incredible deals are available.

Does your charity need a fresh fundraising idea? Let FP Club show you how your mailing list can give you great returns. Ten percent of their $9.99 monthly membership can be designated to a charity or sponsorship of their choice. We estimate that a list of 1000 personal e-mails could net your charity about $3600 annually! And the people at the other end of those addresses will be glad you sent them the e-mail - regardless of their committment.

Here is a link to a PDF about membership details.

When we show people how to involve their employees, we have seen participation in events grow by about 34%. In our experience 76% of qualified employees in the site's workforce would join FP Club with an employer subsidizing two thirds of their dues - now that is workforce engagement. They'll experience what can only be seen as a great workplace benefit! How do you plan to get your business on one of those "Top Employer" lists. Maybe you are thinking of offering events in your workplace? Maybe you have some workplace fund that is underperforming? Top employers can help their teams - exhibiting how much they appreciate them. Subsidizing some or all of the individuals dues can show the thanks management can't always express in words.

Whatever your reason please feel free to contact us. Afterall shouldn't life be about enjoyment?